About Us

ExamPoint is an aspiring and ambitious organisation in Sri Lanka. We are offering internationally accredited certification courses, trainings and computer-based test centre.

The remarkable fact is that despite being able to maintain very high standards in all aspects of the learning process, and maintaining five start facilities that are on par with European standard, we offer courses,trainings and seminars at an affordable cost.

Being a client-centred organisation ExamPoint aspires to be committed its five star core values.

ExamPoint is situated in the heart of Colombo and Jaffna. It is easily accessible by all means of public transport and with parking facilities.

Customer-centricity is the core value of ExamPoint. The exam centre is open both weekends and outside business hours to accommodate busy-life style of its students and clients.

It is committed to highest standards of facilities to ensure much needed serenity for students’ environment. We maintains a very good relationship with educational institutes’ and examining bodies, so that studentsand clients will enjoy seamless and stress-free environment to study and sit for their exams.

Our staff is highly trained and experienced with friendly attitude. They will answer your queries and assist you to make the exam a light experience.