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Welcome to the Republic Of Belarus


About The Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU)

The Republic of Belarus is situated in the eastern part of Europe, bordering Russia in the north and east, Ukraine in the south and Latvia, Lithuania, Poland in the West. (one day travel time toGermany by train). Belarus was formerly a part of the USSR (Soviet Union) and was known as the Byelorussian Soviet Republic. It consequently became an independent, sovereign state in July, 1991. Minsk is the capital of Belarus.The name ‘Belarus’ means ‘White Russia,’ a tender and poetic name that befits the country in the best way. ‘White’ means clean, fair and innocent. Likewise, the people of Belarus are humane, their values stay eternal and it stands as a land of calmness.


Future Home Town of Prospective Medical Students

Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) is located in the city of Vitebsk in Belarus and thus is the future home city of our prospective students. The International Highway from Moscow to Europe runs across Belarus and passes through Minsk and Vitebsk as well. It takes a mere 21/2 hours to travel from Minsk to Vitebsk (about 300kms) motoring on this highway.

It is one of the oldest and most ancient towns in Belarus, stretching on both banks of the river Western Dvina and has a very picturesque and glamorous site. There are a variety of colleges of different fields located here, four of them being establishments of higher education. The quiet, benevolent and very friendly city of Vitebsk gains your favor and attention from the very first sight.

Vitebsk State Medical University is the premier medical institution in the republic of Belarus today. Its origin dates back to November, 1934, when it was founded as an essential link in the chain of medical institutions set up in the former Soviet Union. It has been in existence for over 75 years now and is reckoned to be one of the most highly placed medical universities in the whole of Europe.

advanced and on par with the Western countries. Its standards, with progressive and sophisticated teaching methods and scientific approaches have gained global recognition and are considered to be among the best in the world. The academic plan is developed and maintained according to the European Qualifications framework. Students successfully completing the 3rd year are eligible for transfers to the 4th year of MD in any European Medical University in the Eastern European zone.

VSMU started enrolling foreign students in 1981, being the first Belarus University to do so. Since then more than 1800 foreign students, including over 150 from Sri Lanka have graduated. Presently more than 6000 students, both local and foreign, are studying here.

VSMU Recognition and accreditation

Vitebsk State Medical University is rated highly in the worldrating system
and its MD degrees are recognized by the Sri Lanka Medical Council, General Medical Council (UK), Medical council of India and many other and also enlisted in the directories of the World Health Organization (WHO) Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) of USA etc.The first Sri Lankan student passed out from VSMU and registered with Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) in 1987

Courses Offered
Duration & Degree Awarded
General Medicine (English medium) – 6 years-MD

General Medicine (Russian medium) – 7 years-MD

Dentistry (Russian medium) – 6 years-MDS

Pharmaceutical (Russian Medium) – 5 years-MPH

Post-graduate / Doctorate (phd) in surgery and Therapy

(Details can be obtained on enquiry).

The Medical Program

First Year : Anatomy, Chemistry, Bio-organic chemistry, Physics, Biology, Histology, Cytology & Embryology.

Second Year : Biological chemistry, Normal Physiology, General care Therapeutic/Surgical Patient, Micro-biology.

Third Year : Pathological Physiology/Anatomy, Propaedeutic of internal disease/Surgery, Pharmacology, Topographical anatomy, relevant lectures are held in English Language. Russian Language is taught as a language up to second year so that the student will have an adequate knowledge to

communicate with the patients, hospital staff and doctors who are not affiliated to VSMU. From fourth year onwards all subjects are clinical.

Fourth- Sixth Year : General Surgery, Traumatology and Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Urology, Oncology ,Otorhinolaryngology, Anaesthesiology and Rehabilitation, Clinical Medicine, Endocrinology, Ultra-sound scanning,

Dermatology & Dermato- venerology, Cardiology, infectious diseases, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Forensic Medicine, Gynecology and Obstetrics and General Hygiene theory, relevant lectures are held in English language. Russian Language is needed for some practicals to

communicate with the patients, hospital staff and doctors who are not affiliated to VSMU.

Study Facilities

The educational process is conducted by a huge tutorial cadre of 500 persons among whom you find nearly 50 professors, 150 associate professors, 70 doctors and 180 candidates of sciences.

The educational departments are equipped modern apparatus for training, sets of plastic models and phantoms, complex medical-diagnostic equipment etc.

Clinical Training: the main clinical base of the VSMU comprises of four regional clinical Hospitals as well as its own clinic and other city clinics. The total bed fund of the said clinical base is about 6200 beds.

Library Facility: There is an excellent library with an extensive collection of books in all branches of knowledge in Russian and also other foreign languages. There is also a unique electronic library with new computer equipment and internet connections.

Educational Process and Hostel Facilities

Students are provided accommodation in university’s own hostels. A dwelling block in the hostel usually consists of double occupancy rooms, an attached kitchen, a bath room and a WC. Living conditions in hostels are of normal standard with central heating, hot water systems, gas, electricity and water supply.

Students can have meals in the canteen or café during educational sessions. They may also prepare their meals individually or collectively in their hostels itself.

Registration & Application For Admission

PATHE Study Medicine ( A part of ANC Education, Sri Lanka ) is the sole Representative of the Vitebsk State Medical University in Sri Lanka and Maldives. Hence it is pleased to offer its services and assure hassle free admission to whoever wishes to entre the aforesaid university.Those who are between 17 – 25 years of age should make a Pre – application expressing your wish to seek admission to the VSMU and pay a non – refundable registration fee to Pathe Study Medicine in person or through mail transfer.

Benefits of Studying in Belarus
  • The system of higher education in Belarus is well formulated and on par with the western countries.
  • Maintains a high level of education compatible wi th European standards.
    Experience the richness of Europe in general and enjoy the harmonious and peaceful environment of Belarus in particular.
  • Travel to other European countries during summer vacations for sightseeing or part-time work.
  • Tuition and hostel fees and cost of living are low and affordable in comparison to other places of equal standing.
  • Simple straightforward entry process with no visa interviews, no bank statements asked for etc.
  • Opportunities for Academic Transfers to University in European Union.